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Helix Hire was delighted to participate in the UK Care Week event held 6th and 7th July 2022 at the NEC in Birmingham. It proved to be a great opportunity for us to connect with other service providers in the healthcare sector, share information about our services and forge links that we trust will be of long term, mutual benefit.

For us, the overall feel of the event was very much focused on the ways in which covid has impacted the care industry and how we can constructively move forward with the lasting changes this created. Many of the contributing stands offered digital technology as a way of streamlining how care homes now operate, especially in relation to keeping daily records that ensure patients’ needs are administered to. Of course, with this new technology comes the demand for trained staff who can use and adapt the equipment according to the day to day relevance of the care home. Helix Hire has a successful track record of time and time again assisting in supplying fully qualified staff who have up-to-date training on recent innovations in the sector. All of our candidates’ qualifications are verified, as well at their experience.

Another aspect of the event covered providing support for care home management, for example, in relation to the challenges of rising food and utilities costs and overall inflation. Since all of these daily concerns filter down to the stresses of the team, managers rely on staff who can adapt to the pressures and be resourceful in the face of limitations placed on resources and carers. In view of the time constraints placed on managers who already have demanding workloads, we at Helix Hire are pleased to be able to offer our FREE introductory service to our database of Skilled Care Workers. Our extensive register of carers, administrators, care managers and other care related staff from all around the world, who are suitably qualified and willing to relocate, makes recruiting and maintaining a team of motivated and enthusiastic team so much easier. It’s refreshing to know that despite the constraints care home managers are currently dealing with, help, assistance and practical support is here if you reach out to us.

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