Interview Skills for Employers

Recruitment is a crucial process for any company – knowing how to implement effective interview techniques can mean all the difference between acquiring a long term, valuable asset or making a costly mistake. Therefore we’ve compiled a few tips to help you in the right direction.

Phone / Video Calls

The format of interviews radically over the past few years so now more than ever, its far more commonplace to least start the interview process via phone or video call. In contrast to the more traditional face-to-face meetings, this means there are other factors in play that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Its almost stating the obvious, but make sure you are fully conversant with the technology used for the interview format before you start. In particular, check that the link works, your audio is clear and that you have strong internet connection. Remember, the candidate will probably be slightly nervous and any technical malfunctions on your part will not enhance the interaction.
  • Much of our communication is actually non-verbal and so its important to remember that you won’t be able to pick up on subtle, intuitive physical impressions if you’re interviewing by phone. If your interview is by video call, remember that your presentation is still creating an impression about your and the company as much as if you were interviewing in person. To this end, make sure to dress appropriately in a way that reflects your company and use an environment that is quiet and without distractions.
  • Regardless of whether a phone/video interview is the first step or the only step in the interview process, it is imperative that you plan your questions in advance. Ensure you’re fully briefed about the requirements of the job you’re recruiting for and the type of team the candidate will be working with. Your questions should be relevant to the role and be open-ended enough to allow for a fluid response and conversation. Be sure to allow the candidate sufficient time to answer.

Face–to–Face Meetings

The basic courtesy that applies to phone interviews is just as relevant here. Ensure you’ve scheduled a convenient time to conduct the meeting as a matter of respect to the candidate. Remember the candidate may well have had to cancel another appointment in order to attend.

  • As well as being clear on the requirements of the role you’re recruiting for, take the time to read and absorb the candidate’s CV and covering letter. This will enable you to have a more natural conversation with your interviewee and have a genuine dialogue about their experience.
  • Both on the phone and in person, its helpful for the candidate to know exactly how the interview will be structured. This will allow them to ask questions and offer information when relevant and gives a more professional feel, offering them a clearer picture regarding what to expect throughout the interview process.

Interviews can be life-changing and securing the right candidate can enhance the reputation and future of your organisation. So, taking the time to be sufficiently prepared can make all the difference.

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