Overseas Talent Solution

Our Global Talent Solution: Bridging the Skills Gap Across Diverse Industries in the UK

For over a decade, Helix Hire has been a pioneer in offering innovative talent solutions that serve a broad range of industries, including Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Tech, and Construction. Our unique approach provides UK businesses with access to a diverse and skilled talent pool that goes beyond the reach of traditional recruitment methods. We have successfully placed thousands of candidates in various roles, effectively addressing critical skills shortages and enabling our clients to meet their growth objectives.

With a dedicated team of international recruiters fluent in multiple languages, Helix Hire has the capability to tap into ‘hidden talent’ reservoirs worldwide. We conduct high-volume recruitment campaigns to supply exclusive, on-demand talent to our clients.

Unlocking International Opportunities

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Leveraging the Points-Based Visa Scheme for Global Talent

We utilise the UK’s Points-Based Visa Scheme to facilitate the recruitment and relocation of skilled workers from around the globe. These individuals join your organisation as permanent team members, fully supported by Helix Hire and ready to contribute from day one. It’s talent where you need it, when you need it.

A Tailored Solution for Diverse Skill Sets

Helix Hire offers a bespoke solution for sourcing and relocating overseas talent to the UK. We’re proud to collaborate with some of the country’s leading companies, providing a sophisticated answer to the UK’s increasing demand for skilled workers.

Our expertise extends across various sectors and roles, including but not limited to:

  • Culinary Professionals, from entry-level chefs to executive roles
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Healthcare Professionals, including Therapists, Registered Nurses, and Dental Nurses
  • Social and Community Support roles, such as Support Workers and Residential Care Workers
  • Allied Healthcare roles, including Physiotherapists and Healthcare Assistants
  • Information Technology roles, from Software Developers to Systems Analysts
  • Engineering roles, including Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineers
  • Tech roles, such as Data Scientists and Cybersecurity Specialists
  • Construction roles, from Skilled Tradespeople to Project Managers

By offering such a comprehensive range of services across multiple industries, Helix Hire stands as a reliable partner in addressing the UK’s skills shortages, ensuring that our clients have the talent they need to thrive.

Relocation: A Cornerstone of Our "Overseas Talent Solution" Programme

At Helix Hire, we understand that relocating to a new country for work is a significant life event, filled with both opportunities and challenges. That’s why our “Overseas Talent Solution” programme goes beyond mere job placement. We offer a comprehensive relocation service to ensure that our candidates not only secure a fulfilling job in the UK but also find safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodation.

Our candidates are often sponsored by our esteemed clients, who are also their future employers. These candidates have made a substantial commitment by investing in their visa applications to come to the UK. Recognising this, we extend our full support in helping them settle into their new environment.

From the moment they land in the UK, our dedicated Relocation Team takes charge. Whether it’s picking them up from the airport, assisting in finding suitable accommodation, or even helping them understand the local culture and public transport system, we are with them every step of the way.

By offering this end-to-end support, we not only help our candidates transition smoothly into their new roles but also provide our clients with employees who are focused, settled, and ready to contribute from day one.

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